Курс рукопашного боя морских котиков 2CD

Вид спорта: рукопашный бой
Участники: Frank Cucci
Have you heard about Frank Cucci's brutally-effective Functional Fighting Techniques?
Frank is a pioneer in developing new, simplified hand-to-hand fighting systems for the Navy SEALS. His credentials are mind-boggling: 12 years as a Navy SEAL himself (including four years in SEAL Team Six, the most elite division in the SEALS -the guys who always get the juiciest and toughest assignments. First in, last out. This is the toughest SEAL team to get into, and has unusual freedom in performing actions in the field, because of their unusual success in "black bag" operations.). He's the Chief Instructor of the Naval Special Warfare Unarmed Combat Course offered to SEALS. He's so respected as a fighter because he learned his skills through the teachings of famous Jeet Kune Do master Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee's training partner) and equally famous Thai boxing master Surachai Sirisute. (These are the "heaviest" names in full-contact martial arts today.)
But Frank's real worth as an instructor comes from his "in the trenches" experience - where he continued to combine and refine his fighting skills in actual combat. (He saw active duty in nearly every recent U.S. war and engagement .) What worked, stayed. What failed, was left out. Twelve years of this made him...
One Of The Most Respected (And Feared) Unarmed Fighters In The Military!
Тип учебный
Страна США
Длительность 120 минут
Актеры Frank Cucci
Язык английский
Кол-во дисков   2
Формат mpeg4 DVDRip
Упаковка Box с цветной полиграфией

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