Аштанга Йога с Ричардом Фриманом 2CD

Ashtanga Yoga with Richard Freeman (The Intermediate Series)
Accomplished Yogi Richard Freeman has achieved international acclaim for his graceful mastery of the Ashtanga form of yoga. In this new video, Richard builds on his presentation of Ashtanga’s classic postures in Yoga with Richard Freeman--Ashtanga Yoga: The Primary Series. In a continuous, dynamic flow of remarkable precision, combined with the special breathing techniques that characterize this form, Richard explores nearly 70 postures to help you ignite your inner “fire” and awaken your nervous system to its natural vital state. Yoga with Richard Freeman--Ashtanga Yoga: The Intermediate Series is a high quality production for use by yoga students who have mastered the Primary Series and are ready to explore new horizons in their yoga practice. Level: The video is designed to be used by students who have mastered the Primary Series.
Тип учебный
Длительность 122 минуты
Актеры Ричард Фриман
Язык английский
Кол-во дисков   2
Формат mpeg4
Упаковка Box с цветной полиграфией

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